We are where we are…so how do we live now?

Bare shelves in a consumer society

It’s a question that’s haunted me for months, even before I found myself quarantined at home with lots more time to think about it. There’s a saying that talks about how we were made for times like this. Yet the question remains, what is it I am made for? To suffer and die? To be a hoarder, or a hermit? Exactly, specifically, what is it “I” am called to do?

If you’re struggling with this like I am, here’s what I’ve come to understand: Push out the light. That’s it. When the darkness (i.e. hate, fear, greed, etc.) gathers around you, being a small beacon of light can seem pretty useless. You’re a pinprick in the center of a black void.

But it isn’t useless. Light begets light, to think creatively. Build up the fire, turn up the power, push out the light that lives inside you. How? By meeting the negative with the positive. By connecting with other small pinpricks of light. By consciously, intentionally, deliberately choosing to focus on the light both inside of you and in those around you.

Push out the light. Broaden the circle of light. Extend the boundaries of light. We will get through this. And we will do it in the light.

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