Unity through Diversity

There’s been a whole lot of commentary this week (if you don’t know that, then I salute you for finding the best hiding place in the world). One of the oft repeated words in this communal diatribe has been variations of the word “unity”: we need to unite, to unify, to come together. This word means different things to different people, a truth made clear by the discussion, but still, unity isn’t a bad idea.

I participated in the inaccurately titled “Women’s March” (there were men, children and dogs at mine) in my home city this past weekend where I saw perhaps the best ever idea of how to understand the unity we need (not to mention the best use of Barbies ever). I’m going to put it here and let all of you take from it what you will. My kudos to the person who put this together:



4 thoughts on “Unity through Diversity”

  1. What a brilliant use of Barbies! Unity through diversity sounds like the perfect place to reside to me. 🙂 MRS N


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