It’s a New Year!!!

I’m back!!! Time and life had me going there for a while, but the new year, and my vision for it, brought me back. There’s enough ego in me to feel I have some things to say to the state of the world. Hopefully, most of them will make you laugh. Or feel a bit proud of us.

I’ve thought a lot about what to wish for this year. There’s no lack of things to make me worry, or get angry. The problem is those don’t feed my soul. Give me something to laugh about. Or a reason to think “thank God, somebody was paying attention in science class.” Once we were innovators, problem solvers, people who found the humor, and the joy in life. Let’s see if we can get back to that in 2017, okay?

P.S. The tree in the background fits my new path. It’s like a giant eyeball, sort of like 2017 is watching you!


10 thoughts on “It’s a New Year!!!”

  1. Happy New Year! I also have plans to blow the dust off my blog, but my will-power for such things is microscopic. Which also explains the dustiness of my newsletter. I know I should be doing these things, but wouldn’t it be more fun to clean behind the fridge? Yes, yes it would, LOL. Arrgh


    1. Lol, I’ve been telling myself for months I’ve needed to start it up again. I think it’s only the burst of energy from the new year that shamed me into it. But I’m not digging behind my fridge.


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