Know what this is? Neither do I. But I’m hoping it’s the door of opportunity opening (I’m also hoping I don’t trip over something in the dark in my rush to get to the door, but that’s another set of issues altogether).

I’ve been asking for an opportunity and the answer up till now has felt like standing in a dark room. I haven’t known what the hell to do to get where I want to be so I stood still. Not the smartest move I can make. Now the light is peeking in and it’s time for me to move toward it. So here’s hoping the old theatre adage to “break a leg” isn’t figurative. Wish me luck.

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  1. Sometimes standing still is the best thing. We’re taught that we should always be doing something, idle hands being the devil’s…well, you know. Yet so often answers arrive in dreams, when sitting still, or while we concentrate on another issue. Congratulations on seeing the light!

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