Why I Have A History Degree

I get a lot of polite smiles when I tell people I have a BA in History. Even my dad shook his head and told me how much he hated history classes, how boring they were. I get it, I really do. The feeling isn’t the same for me, but I understand why people’s eyes glaze over sometimes when they read history books. Too many of them are written by people who act as if they’re still doing it for a grade.

My story is pretty simple. I have a degree in History because of Math. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a passion for history. What I have is much less passion for Math. In fact, I don’t have any passion for Math. Nor any real aptitude for it. It’s a truly loveless relationship.

It isn’t that I didn’t try. I made it a week and a half in the math class I took at the local community college (the remedial one that failing the automated test puts you into so you can learn enough to take the lowest level of real math). I understood more of what was going on in the French class I took.

When I left to complete my BA at a university, I worried about the obstacle of another math class. Then I perused the requirements of the History department. The classes sounded great and there wasn’t a single math class listed. It was made for me.

I studied medieval and reformation Europe, the history of Africa and Germany along with a class on the fall of the Soviet Union. It was awesome. Don’t ever let anyone tell you college doesn’t have a place for everyone. Even History geeks can survive.

8 thoughts on “Why I Have A History Degree”

  1. I love history so I get it. I read old biographies and history books when I have time. So many great lessons to learn from it all.


  2. Ha! It’s nice to meet someone else that picked a degree simply to avoid math. I just high-fived my husband who did the same thing.


  3. I was a French major, but a History minor. I still love history and am constantly amazed at what I can still learn. We tend to learn history in what the business world calls a silo. This is French history. This is American history. This is English history. This is Chinese history. But it’s not like countries live in a vacuum. The old butterfly beating its wings thing…

    I was OK in math, though. My college made everyone take at least two classes in science and math, no matter the major. I suppose some people took two science classes.


  4. Thanks for the post Some people are made for numbers, others…look like us in the mirror. Don’t let anyone bash your history degree. History majors are people who know how to research, can compare stories to reach the truth, understand how to avoid repeating problems, and aren’t afraid to wait for answers. All excellent characteristics for leaders to have!


  5. Ever thought about studying the history of math? I guess not. Actually, I agree with 100% about history being pretty interesting and 3000.5% on math being inflicted humanity as a punishment from the universe.


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