Making the Voices in Your Head Work for You

There are days I feel I should probably be locked up in a padded room for doing this whole writer thing. Most of the time I can cover it, but sometimes the voices in my head can be a bit demanding. Then there is the occasional diva among them that makes me wonder if I should keep her as my heroine’s best friend or kill her off in a particularly gruesome manner.

The fact that I sometimes find myself standing in the grocery line contemplating murder and mayhem makes me feel a bit disconnected from the “real” world.  And that to me is the bottom line of being a writer – choosing to step out of reality and into a primordial realm just waiting for you to be its creator. It takes a certain amount of concentration (and a good talent for BS) to remember to smile and nod at appropriate times when your mind is off figuring out how the third planet in the Adeanan system is going to survive the assault by the High Council and just how much sex is enough to keep the tension high between your hero and heroine. It also takes forgiving friends and a really understanding boss to continue keeping one foot in each realm. And you thought being a writer would be so easy.

11 thoughts on “Making the Voices in Your Head Work for You”

  1. Too true! I toured the Biltmore Estate with a friend last week and told her I thought I could get a body in one of the large chests displayed there. She didn’t blink an eye, but agreed, because she’s a writer, too. Don’t know what the people behind us thought!

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  2. What’s more embarrassing then when you realize you’ve been acting out the scene in your head with facial expressions. At least people leave you alone when they think you’re crazy.

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  3. Or how about when you completely ruin a who-dun-it by spouting off who the killer is and why – because that’s how you’d write it… I’m surprised by husband will even watch tv with me anymore.

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  4. Hahaha! My husband knows me so well, especially if he’s talking and I’m just nodding my head. I’m listening to those voices and can’t be bothered with the “real” world. Thanks for the laughter today. 🙂


  5. At least we live in the modern era. Both my daughter and my husband have ADHD and I always say I know how their genes survived–they’re so attuned to what’s happening around them. People like me, who live in their heads, I don’t know how my ancestors made it. Something should have eaten them while they were off daydreaming!


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