Sebastian Squirrel, Ninja Assasin

I found the most awesome thing while googling weird stuff on the internet (it beat playing another game of mahjong, okay).

It’s a squirrel with a laser and all it takes to shoot is a click. Nothing comes at me, nothing else is trying to take me out. I have to explain how perfect this is for me. My grandson is always getting me to play video games with him. We’re talking the ones with, as he puts it, the great graphics: Halo, Assasin’s Creed (because he knows I like history he figures this one is right up my alley), etc.

Here’s the real kicker: he always makes it where I’m invincible. If he didn’t, my input into the game would last approximately thirty seconds. So I spend the length of the game bumping into walls and randomly pushing buttons in a futile attempt to shoot weapons I don’t even know the name of. This kid is important to me, truly. I love spending time with him.

If I had this squirrel though, my comfort level would be a lot higher. For one it’s a costume I can understand. And it’s a laser that goes pew pew pew. I’d be good.

7 thoughts on “Sebastian Squirrel, Ninja Assasin”

    1. I love that he wants me to, Sandra. But I don’t know how much I’m actually playing, lol and how much is him fixing things so I don’t get killed in the first thirty seconds.


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