Things Change


I happened upon this picture in my cyberspace wanderings today and my first thought was “where the hell was this when I was a kid?”.

Let me explain. My mother had a rather unique love for animals. I sometimes felt she preferred them to her children. And she treated them better. Ducks figure large in my childhood nightmares, thanks to one of her favorites. It was a large white Pekin duck, raised lovingly from a duckling.

The love was all one-sided. When I describe the word fear in my head, it is the feeling of being trapped on my back steps by this tyrant. If my sister or I moved off the steps we were pecked back into line. I don’t remember if we gave this “pet” a name, but I remember that duck’s face with perfect clarity. What a world of difference a leash like this would have made to my outdoor time!

5 thoughts on “Things Change”

  1. Wow. You gotta love how our parents messed us up. Of course, as a mother myself I know that I’m messing up my own kids in my own special way.
    Although I have to admit I don’t need ducks to do it.
    Thanks for the smile.

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  2. I feel the same way about Chihuahuas. My grandmother always had them. We had to share the back yard with them. They hated us. I may still have a few scars.

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  3. I lived in the country growing up–we raised a few ducks to eat. I can remember one chasing my mom across the yard once. He was a fierce old guy 🙂

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    1. Geese are even meaner, Barbara, at least from my experience. Although my grandmother raised turkeys and they were pretty hateful too. She always had bruises on her arms from where they pecked her.


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