Visions, Dreams and Thorns

It used to drive me nuts to shop with my daughter.  She went to the store with a vision in mind of exactly what she wanted, then we spent an entire day searching for it, usually without success.  I would get so frustrated as I showed her item after item that would work fine. But she clung to the picture in her head and nothing else would satisfy.

Now I know where she got that trait from, something I’ve never acknowledged before.  My own vision of exactly how this path was going to turn out was so strong that it never occurred to me that there would be any deviation.  Oh, I would allow for a bit of variation here and there, but nothing prepared me for the total annihilation of my dream.

Long ago I took a nutrition class and found out an interesting fact about how our bones grow.  They literally disassemble and reconstruct themselves longer and stronger.  What a concept.  Those twin pillars of severity and mercy, of destruction and creation are actually a part of the process.  Who knew?

6 thoughts on “Visions, Dreams and Thorns”

  1. I recently read an article about the bones construction process too. It is fascinating. I’d always thought of them as permanently crafted sometime in childhood and then slowly worn away as we aged. Knowing we can do something about our own health condition is empowering, especially when it’s as simple as controlling what we eat. 🙂


  2. Humans are never too old to change, just too stubborn. (grin) Tearing down the old is necessary to creating the new, but often, not knowing the future makes us too afraid to deconstruct. Great post, Debra!


  3. What a fascinating analogy! To think that we have to deconstruct our dreams to build them better and stronger. Thanks for a good insight.


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