To Sue or Not to Sue

There’s a lot of discussion today over our rights as citizens. Sometimes it seems like some of us think we’re entitled to do pretty much whatever we want. But if there’s one thing Americans truly seem to consider their right to do, it’s to sue. Whether or not someone is going to file a lawsuit over what happened is often the first thing that comes to our minds when we read the news. Whether or not a lawsuit turns out well is another story. Take the guy who only wanted everyone to see him praying in public.

If you read this, you’ll know his exercise of his right didn’t turn out to be the gold mine I’m sure he was hoping for. The thing that really gets me though, is wouldn’t you think having everyone around him snickering would be enough punishment? Why in the world would you take such an embarrassing incident to a more public level by filing a lawsuit? Did he think it would be less embarrassing when repeated in a court of law? I mean, what was his thought process: “Hey, guess what, I was trying to appear really cool and uber-religious so God and everyone around me would notice how great I was but those d*^* people at Applebee’s screwed it up. If they hadn’t served me hot food like I asked for, I wouldn’t have gotten burned and there would have been applause instead of laughter.”

Perhaps it’s just me, because I go out of my way to hide my embarrassing missteps. Believe me, there are a number of them. But it’s my fervent hope that most of you will never know what they are. My philosophy is if you didn’t happen to be there at the time to enjoy it in its original form, you aren’t going to learn about them from me. This philosophy is one of the reasons I skipped my high school reunion. I knew it would go any better than actual high school had when they sent me this questionnaire that asked me to write down my most embarrassing memories during that time. I thought, why in the hell would I do that? Just because the rest of you may have lost your hair or your cheerleader figure doesn’t mean I’ve lost my common sense. What happened at high school needs to stay buried in that locker.

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